Perfect Nails for your Big Day

We take more and more care of the details on the day of the wedding, the nails will be present in many photos, in those special moments. Memories that will be captured on paper for life. Here are 5 designs for each style:


The French manicure is always a sign of elegance and sophistication, they go unnoticed and look fine, an option that never fails.

Classics with a Twist

Want to give your French manicure a modern twist? The BLING BLING does not fail, give it to a touch shine to your ring finger like this: 💎💎💎 


Babyboomer nails for your wedding? Yes you can, modern and subtle at the same time. They will go unnoticed and your ring will stand out 💍.


Dare to be different and complement your dress with the same details on your nails. The white color and the lace designs will make your nails part of your accessories.

100% customization

Our favorite design without a doubt! A style that will never go out of style and also never forget, writing your initials is a very romantic way to commemorate your love 💕.