DO NOT do this on your wedding day!


These are some points that we recommend you to follow so you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest and make it the best day of your life no matter what happens.

1. Don't get stressed or angry. If something didn't go as expected, or a supplier was late, it's no use getting stressed or angry, the situation won't improve and it will show in your attitude that something didn't go well. So let your wedding planner take care of everything and you? just enjoy! Whatever happens, this will be your magical day and there is no detail of your wedding day that deserves to be ruined.
2. Don't leave any pending or last minute activities. You will only end up worrying and running from one place to the other... Either delegate it to your Wedding Planner or forget it! It's not worth it that even a few hours before your wedding you are finishing details, changing flower arrangements etc.
3. Fasting. We know you want to look more than perfect that day, but that work should start months before... you can't get that result in one day. Don't force your body to a challenge like this when hours and hours of dancing, singing and standing are waiting for it. The idea is that you are radiant, full of energy and vitality, that will be reflected in your attitude and even in the photos. So it would be good to eat something delicious and nutritious, that you know will be good for you, which brings us to the next point.
4. Don't try anything new the day before, let alone the day of your wedding! How many horror stories have we heard about trying a new peeling, massage or facial cream? I don't recommend you do anything different from what you've been doing for a week, no new treatments because you never know how your body or skin will react.
5. Beauty Sleep! Try not to stay awake the night before, neither finishing pending tasks, nor because of nerves. Do regular rituals that you know relax you, for example drink a herbal tea before going to sleep, do yoga or meditation, go for a walk.... The idea is that you are as rested and full of energy and vitality as possible, so you can enjoy a fun and lasting wedding.
Hopefully these basic but very important tips will help you, we believe they can make a difference.

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