Tips for Choosing your Veil

How to choose your veil?
The type and length of your veil depends on your taste and your dress. Here are some tips, but it is important that the choice of your veil is something very personal and depends a lot on your taste.
The long veil always looks aesthetically more beautiful when it protrudes 30cm or more from the fall of your dress.

It's a matter of taste! Although for us... the longer your veil is, the more impression it will make and in the photos it will look spectacular.
Although you should keep in mind that a long veil will be heavy and you will be able to wear it for less time on your wedding day. A long veil will be present during the religious ceremony, photos and cocktail, while a short veil can be worn during the reception and first dance.

The less volume your dress has, the less volume your veil should have.
The veil is meant to complement your look, it should not be more eye-catching than your dress or yourself. The center of attention should be you, not your dress or accessories.

In conclusion, the veil you choose should be in balance with your dress, if the dress is very heavy a suggestion is that your veil has only lace at the edge to let you see all the details of your dress.

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