How to make your Personalized Headdress

To place your order you have to fill in the following form with your data and the model of headdress or complement that you choose on our website (each headdress has an identifying name).

Customize your headdress
So that your headdress fits perfectly to your wardrobe and personality, we can customize it to your needs, in terms of colors, size, materials... starting from the original model you have chosen. The type of attachment of your headdress is very important: let us know if you prefer a headband or a comb. Please note that if you customize your headdress, the price will increase by 20% on the initial price.

Each headdress comes in its own box, designed for the preservation of your headdress and ideal for gifts.

Confirmation of your order
In the next 3 days you will receive our confirmation, we will inform you about the payment and shipping time.

Cellphone: 55 1935 9364