Carlota Boldó


Founder & Designer

Hello! I'm Carlota Boldó, I started this company almost 5 years ago, when I came to Mexico from Spain. First I made headdresses for guests, and then I got into the fascinating world of weddings and discovered that there are many needs for brides too, so for the last 3 and a half years I have focused more on bridal accessories.

I realized that being such a big city the brides had to go from end to end looking for the different accessories, so I decided to gather them all in the same place!

For a bride the process of organizing her wedding is not easy, there are always many options and little time (even if it seems like a lot).

So I thought I could offer the best quality accessories at an even better price!

We are very happy with the result and have been growing ever since, we are just expanding and every season we add new products.


Store & Sales Manager

Hello! My name is Ivon, I'm 23 years old and I recently started working with brides, I like to help them choose the best accessory for that big day 🤍.

I am excited to see them happy with the things they choose from our Atelier.

There is no better experience than to feel the emotion that brides transmit to us when they come to our Atelier.



I am Belem Ramos Sandoval.

And I am delighted to be part of atelier boldo novias.

It makes me very happy to be a small part of such a special moment as your marriage.

To be able to help you in the choice of each of your accessories, as they are the perfect complement for such a magical moment.

In atelier we share with you the emotion, joy and love with which you prepare for a beautiful moment.

It all started with a prayer and God made you, the reality that I love.


Haute Couture Dressmaker

Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I love being part of the Atelier Boldó team because I can bring innovative ideas about bridal fashion trends. My experience in fashion design allows me to advise brides to choose their ideal dress and their dream accessories.

It is wonderful to have empathy with the emotions of the brides, for that reason in Atelier Boldó we always have in mind to enhance the beauty of each bride with our accessories and considering their own style so that they are the protagonists in the most romantic day of their lives.

Simply put, I am grateful to be part of the Atelier Boldó team and of the most special moment of our clients.