Bridal Makeup

There are many tips to give to all the girls who are getting ready for their big day but the most important of them is that comfort is the key to satisfaction. We talked to professional makeup artist Aby, to share her most important tips:

Aby: I tell you that the most recommendable thing is that the makeup should be timeless, that it works now but also that you will still look beautiful in 30 years when you see your wedding photos. Do not look for makeup that is fashionable in the year you get married because you may regret it later. However, it is important that the makeup and hairstyle are temporary, but also that you feel comfortable, that you feel that you are yourself. We as makeup artists are here to advise you depending on the type of eyes, type of face, type of lips, also taking into account the harmony of the dress, the veil, the style of the wedding, but the final decision is yours.

Here are some tips I give my brides before the big day:

  1. Have a makeup and hairstyle trial. At the trial, the bride and makeup artist get to know each other, the click is made between the bride and makeup artist. We begin to understand what they want, how they are and what they like, as well as analyze the type of face and make recommendations. Something very important is that they do not conform because they have to look like they really want to look that day.
  2. The bridal fitting is recommended to be done the day of your last dress fitting, since you can go to see the complete look.
  3. It is recommended to have earrings, necklace and headpiece on the day of the fitting. I recommend having two headdresses to make the decision, unless you are already very sure of which one you want, the best recommendation are those of Atelier Boldó.
  4. Take care of your skin, especially your face, if you have always done it, congratulations! If not, start from the day you make the commitment. The body moisturizer will become your best friend, as well as sunscreen on the face, remove makeup every night and moisturize the skin. It helps to drink plenty of water and visit your dermatologist at least 3 months beforehand to check any skin issues.
  5. If you are going to paint your hair at least a week before. That way you have time to touch up anything you don't like before the big day.
  6. If you want to be tanned, do not do it with the sun, remember that the skin is the protagonist that day and you must avoid burns, dehydration and flaking by burned skin. The best advice for this case, is to do the airbrush tanning 3 days before to let it work and for the day of the ceremony you will have the desired color. When you go to have this tanning have to go with very comfortable clothes and without garters so that they do not mark the skin.
  7. If you want hairstyles with waves avoid treatments to straighten the hair.
  8. If you are going to have a facial cleansing, it should be done at least one week before, as nerves may cause changes in your skin.
  9. If you do not hire a make-up artist for the touch-up at your party, you should bring powder, blush and lipstick, although I am sure we will always do the best job.
  10. Timeless makeup. Eyeshadows with neutral colors, such as brown, champagne, pale pink ... The pale pink lips, nude (important that the nude is in harmony with the skin so they do not look pale), for the blush subtle colors like salmon, burnt pink or coffee, must be very well blurred as well as contouring. And eyelashes must always be present.

I am sure they will be the most beautiful brides, because beauty is given by the happiness they feel on that beautiful day.

Aby Garcia

Professional makeup artist.