Love Is Not Cancelled

For Nour and Diego the important thing was not the event or the number of guests, but the moment of their relationship, their plans as a couple, apartment, travel, studies. They had been planning everything for more than a year so they decided that what was coming was more important than the event itself.

They reduced the guest list to the most important people for both of them, from there people cancelled every day, even important friends, but the most important thing was the sacrament and God's blessing.

"All the silverware was bagged and sanitized, the waiters wore masks, mouth masks and antibacterial gel, they were given a Covid test to be able to attend the wedding. We had vinyls made for the glasses and each one had a number so as not to confuse them, each place setting had masks and individual antibacterial gel. We took everyone's temperature to get in and whoever had a temperature above 36.5 was not allowed to enter." Nour commented

"We were the happiest, all our vendors were very supportive, the most important people for us were at our wedding. We danced a lot, tried not to hug anyone and had an unreal time. There was nothing we would do differently. It even felt like a more cozy, family wedding," added Diego.

It is time to reconnect with pure love, tolerant, patient, faithful, cooperative, many will be the scenarios we live in these moments but it is always time to be thankful for the small moments and enjoy our day to day achievements.

 Velo Mod. Andrea