Let's celebrate love always

On Saturday, January 9th, at Banyan Tree Acapulco. This is where Fatima and her now husband decided to say yes in the midst of these difficult times.

They invited 30 of their closest family and friends to witness their Civil Wedding. One of the most important things for Fatima and her husband was that the venue be open so that they could take the best possible care of their special guests.

In addition to the open space, the views of the Pacific Ocean that the Banyan Tree Hotel offers are dreamy, how not to fall in love with this place?

The entire wedding was organized remotely, Fatima tells us that it was a process where all the vendors were very understanding and flexible when it came to organizing their wedding. We understand how brides feel!

"Someday we will be able to have a religious wedding with all the people we would like to be there" Fatima tells us.

At Atelier Bold贸 we made the bouquet, headdress and boutonniere according to the colors of the wedding, the 'Lucy' shoes together made a spectacular look that Fatima loved and we are very happy with the result.

Another thing was the dress process. "After looking at several boutiques I found Reina Studio, Romina, owner and designer, makes the dresses customized, from sketches to seeing it on. It was amazing," she added.

Beca Jewelry made the earrings.

The mouth covers were with hand-painted sheath and baked on kn95 from @tili.mx and the cufflinks from Thota Ra.

There is nothing and no one to stop love, getting married unites two people who give themselves completely to a future together. The days will come when we will be together with more people, but today more than ever, let's celebrate love always.

Thank you Fatima for sharing your story of eternal love <3

Gracias Ftima por compartirnos tu historia de amor eterno <3