5 Great details to keep in mind when choosing your Shoes

Shoes are one of the accessories you need before buying your wedding dress, because without them, they will not be able to cut your dress to the perfect height.

We leave you 5 very important points so you do not fail in your choice:

  1. Comfort first and foremost. It's your big day, you are going to be on your feet, dancing, jumping, walking and taking pictures for hours. Shoes are one of the few accessories that you don't see, so.... take advantage of it! Choose something comfortable, like a chunky heel or platform. At Atelier Boldó our best-seller, Zapato Nereida, has a heel and platform, plus it holds the foot very well because of the crossed straps on the instep. Come and try them on!
  2. Color: Wouldn't it be great to choose your something blue for your shoes? They are very inconspicuous, and you can take some amazing pictures, giving the shoes importance only when you want them, I think they are a fun touch without being too distracting. We have shoes in nude and blue as well as white or ivory.
  3. Wear them a few days before your wedding. It is very important that you wear your shoes at home several times before your big day. On your wedding day, you will be more comfortable and your feet will be more accustomed to the shoes.
  4. Quality is key! For so many hours on your feet and dancing you need good shoes that can keep up with you. Don't just go for looks, look at the material and the shape of the shoe.
  5. Personalize your shoes: make them unique! In this way you will have the most comfortable shoe and the most beautiful at the same time... yes you can! We decorate them with pearls, crystals, lace and bows to your liking. Here you are the designer...let's have fun!

At Atelier Boldó we give you personalized advice so that you get the shoes that are right for you and your event. We have different models and styles of shoes, both for narrower and thicker feet. Click on the link to see all our models.