Mini guide to choose your headdress

The choice of headdress along with the bridal trousseau is a very important part of your big day. Therefore, you have to choose calmly and with love, (because your outfit will be present in all the photos) so that you have a unique touch that only represents you.

When choosing your headdress there are many factors that influence, for example, the jewelry you are going to wear, your type of dress, the destination of your wedding and very important the hairstyle you have in mind.

We always recommend having your headdress before doing your hair and makeup trial, as it is the best way to get a complete idea of how your look will be on your big day. At Atelier Boldó we make changes without obligation, so if you go to your hair trial and it turns out that the headpiece is too big or too small, you can always change it.

Listen to yourself, all the accessories as well as your dress should represent you, be true to your style and personality. So we advise you not to be guided by fashions, trends or influencers.


Jewelry, your headpiece and earrings as well as the necklace, will be framing your face so it is very important that they match well. It looks very nice when the headpiece and jewelry are the same color, that is to say if you wear a headpiece in rose gold, it would look very nice if your jewelry is in rose gold too. It is not mandatory but we feel that this gives more homogeneity and will not detract from your makeup or dress.

When thinking about how your headpiece will look with your wedding dress it also influences where you are getting married, if you are getting married on the beach I imagine you would choose a light, airy dress, so it would be wise to choose a headpiece according to that style as well.

Last but not least is your hairstyle, this is also a matter of trying, as we have never tried this kind of accessories before we don't know how they fit us. We may have an idea in mind but you always have to see it on because the result may be different from what you expected.

Try on the headpieces you need, in our 3 years in the store we have met brides who have tried on only 2 headpieces and have not needed to see more, and others, who have taken months and have tried on more than 30. It is up to you, an important tip is to do it like your dress, if you chose your dress without trying on many, do the same with your headpiece.