Preserved Flowers ~ An Eternal Love Story

We always want our wedding to last forever (at least I do), that's why we look for the best photographer... to fulfill our dream of capturing one of the best moments of our lives and relive it a thousand and one times later. Because in the end, memories are what make us as people. We are the sum of the experiences that we live, and those experiences form us and become memories, and then memories...

The wedding is a great experience that we will remember much more vividly and for much longer than perhaps other memories.

Just like your photos, veil and your wedding dress, at Atelier Boldó we want you to have another memory that you can physically see and touch for a long time. We have fallen madly in love with preserved flowers.

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that go through a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness without the need for water or light. Depending on the environment they are in and how they are cared for, they can last for many years.

How about the idea of having your bridal bouquet made of preserved flowers, and having it at home in a vase for years after your wedding? How about having this memory alive with you forever?

We want to be part of that special day and we want your bouquet to be part of the rest of your life, that's why we are making preserved flowers bouquets that you can find in our web.

We love them very much,

ABN Team