How to Choose Your Perfect Bridal Shoes! Read This

One thing is for sure, even if your shoes are not so visible at your wedding, it is super important to choose the right ones, because if not they can ruin your big day in seconds!

We want to share with you some tips that we give in our store to all brides who come looking for their shoes.

- When you buy your shoes, you have to wear them at least 5 times before. You will notice where they rub you, where they don't and you will be molding them to your foot. In general, the shoes get softer after several uses and with that alone you can be sure that you will last twice as long with them.

- Our philosophy at Atelier Boldó is comfort first! You already have many other things to think about before your barely-there shoes. In our experience, we have realized what the priorities are and we can tell you without a doubt to choose your chunky heels and platform shoes before a shoe that looks divinely killer! Don't hesitate.

- Platform vs no platform, it seems simple but this is our trick. If your heel measures more than 8cm, yes or yes platform, if not, it is not necessary. Your foot will be just as comfortable.

- Even if your shoes are comfortable, take a second pair, your foot will appreciate a change after so many hours. We do not recommend tennis shoes of the same height because they will hurt your foot. A tennis shoe is not made to be a stiletto, believe me we have heard horror stories about it.

- Choose your priorities in colors, this is basic, you want to wear your shoes more times, don't buy white, you want to wear them again, nude is your best option. If your budget allows it, the truth is that a white shoe, even if it is only for one time, looks much more bridal than any other color. That's your decision.

We hope you find these tips useful when choosing your shoes, the truth is that after 3 years selling bridal shoes we can say that we are experts. That's why we want to share these tips that we have been learning along our way helping brides.

Tell us about your experience with your shoes in the comments! <3

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